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Getting perfectly symmetrical and well-defined eyebrows every single day without an inch of effort isn't done with magic. It’s done with microblading.


​Ombre Brows

Similar to microblading, you'll get beautiful eyebrows that look completely natural, but ombre brows’ specialty is its soft appearance.

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​Combe Brows

Can't decide between microblading and ombre brows? Get the best combination of two advanced techniques to achieve the unique look you’re going for.

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Lip Blushing

Lip Blushing treatment brings a healthy, natural-looking blush to your lips, a subtle lip stain that reveals the perfect lip shape. Cover blemishes or irregularities in lip color and tone, with red, pinks, corals and nudes that are true to life.

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Eyelash Extensions & Lifting

Eyelashes LiftingLash lift is a great alternative to false lashes, more natural look without any maintenance. Lashes appear longer, fuller and curled that will last up to 8 weeks.

Hollywood Carbon Laser Peel - Facial


A carbon laser peel, also called Hollywood peel or charcoal peel, is a facial treatment combining the benefits of charcoal and the laser technology. The main goal of this carbon laser peel facial is to rejuvenate the skin. This laser facial is indeed designed to reduce the signs of skin aging, big pores, or skin damage, such as acne and scars. It creates a softer, glowing appearance that will have your red carpet ready in no time! 

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