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Scalp micropigmentation is a cosmetic treatment for thinning hair or hair loss. It’s sometimes also called a hair tattoo. A provider uses thin, small needles to deposit tiny dots of pigment (color) on the scalp. These dots give the appearance of thicker hair. Scalp micropigmentation pigments are cosmetic-grade, permanent inks.

When a skilled technician performs scalp micropigmentation, it can hide thinning areas on your scalp. It may also hide birthmarks or scars.

How is Scalp Micropigmentation a Solution For Hair Loss?

Hair loss is common in can have a negative effect on their self-esteem. Fortunately, there is now a modern treatment that makes this almost impossible to tell. 

Density Treatments involve depositing pigment into the scalp skin at the base of the hair strands in a stipple effect creating the illusion of shadow and density by diminishing the lightness of the exposed scalp. 

Three sessions of around 2-3 hours duration spaced one week apart are typically required to achieve the desired effect. Whether your thinning is evenly diffused or concentrated at the crown or hairline, we can help you achieve more definition to your hairline and a denser looking full head of hair. 

The micro deposits of pigment can help create a denser look to your hair and will blend in naturally with your existing hair color.
The treatment is fast and offers a permanent solution for hair loss that works better than other hair solutions or expensive surgeries.

Read below about how the procedure works. If you still have questions about the scalp micropigmentation treatment please don’t hesitate to contact us through our online contact form or by phone.

How The Procedure Works?

With a simple, relatively pain-free procedure, you can easily disguise areas of hair loss with tiny pigmentation deposits inserted into the surface of the scalp in the thinning areas to achieve a result that is subtle, effective and realistic.

The approach for creating density in longer hair is the same as that for the shaved head look in men.

The treatment is applied to create a texture made up of layers of slightly varying toned deposits. 

It is important not to completely cover all the exposed scalp with a high density of deposits as this volume of pigment and density would create an unnatural appearance over time. A significant enough improvement can be made within the limitations of treatment. We have a conservative approach considering the aesthetic longevity of all of our results.

Initial Consultation

During your first free consultation, the practitioner can help you decide if micropigmentation is the hair loss solution for you. If you then choose to proceed your dates can be scheduled in at the consultation or at a later time.

When we plan your sessions, we select the most appropriate pigment color and shade for your skin and hair type for the most natural results, and we provide full aftercare guidance to ensure you get the very best from your treatment experience with us.

The specialist pigment is applied to the scalp typically over 3 sessions with 5-7 days between sessions, depending on your individual needs. Each session generally takes 1-3 hours to complete, and there is minimal recovery time.

To discuss your treatment options and have all your questions answered, please feel free to contact us.

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