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Eyelash Lift

Eyelashes Lifting
Lash lift is a great alternative to false lashes, more natural look without any maintenance. Lashes appear longer, fuller and curled that will last up to 8 weeks.

What is an EyeLash lift Technique?


The lash lift technique has transformed obsolete, imperfect curling methods. A professional uses silicon pads rather than perm rods, which provide a lift to your natural lashes. Besides eyelash lift, you can get your lashes curled, straightened, or elongated to create a wide-eyed, fuller, and brighter look. 

What is "Aura Signature Keratin Eyelash Lift"?

"Aura Signature Keratin Eyelash Lift" is an excellent alternative to eyelash extensions. It is an innovative lash lift treatment aimed at taking the discomfort and effort out of achieving wonderful eye-framing lashes.  

Like straightening and perms for the hair on your head, this procedure uses well-researched and thoroughly tested chemicals. These substances softly mold the shape of your eyelashes, creating them more prominent and curlier. 

Will the Lash Lift Technique Destroy My Natural Lashes?

No, the procedure doesn’t harm your natural eyelashes, as the professional will perform it with the proper technique and utmost care. The products that we use don’t touch your skin during the technique. You might observe redness around your eyes because of the chemical removal, which should fade away in some time after the completion of the procedure. 

Who is suitable for a lash lift?

A suitable candidate for the lash lift procedure is an individual who has healthy lashes but wishes to make their eyes look pretty and wide open without the use of a lash curler or to avoid the daily hassle.  

Aftercare tips for lash lift.


Our professional will give you aftercare tips that will help you get excellent results. Some of these include keeping your eyelashes free of makeup and dry for a day, avoiding saunas, steamy showers, not applying oil-based lotions and creams near your eyes, and many more.

If you’re ready for this beauty transformation to help you
become more confident and make your life easier,
book an appointment.

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